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i went to spring fever tour tonight and made the decision to miss prom for it which was the best decision of my life. because of that, me and my friend chloe decided to dress up for the concert as if it were prom and we brought a giant banner that said “we skipped prom for this” on it. we specifically decided to crowd surf with the sign first when mayday parade played somebody that i used to know cuz we knew vic fuentes would be on stage with them. derek sanders of mayday parade saw me crowd surfing with the sign and gave a shout out to me for skipping prom after the song, which was awesome! then pierce the veil came onstage and during their acoustic i’m low on gas and you need a jacket, Chloe and i started slow dancing to have our one prom dance. then the people in the crowd around us got a giant section of the pit to sit down while we were dancing so we could be the only ones standing and have our dance together alone! it was the most incredible thing i’ve ever seen. then we kissed and the crowd around us went crazy. and then vic noticed in the middle of the song and pointed us out in the crowd and said he had never seen anything like it before at any show and he sang the rest of the song to us. then he gave us another shout out and was like “give it up for that prom couple!” and for the rest of the night, people came up to us asking if we were “the prom couple” and giving us high fives and saying thing like “fuck prom!” some people even got pictures with us. when all time low came on, they said that they had heard about the kids who skipped prom which means that ptv talked about us which is awesome! it was the best concert of my life and i know i will never forget it and hopefully the bands will remember it too!


this needs to be on my blog. this is the cutest fucking thing I have ever read.

I remember you guys!

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why dont these words rhyme

but for some god forsaken reason pony and bologna do

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The only thing I want in Avengers 2 is Cap picking up Thor’s hammer, totally unaware it should be impossible.



I know everyone always says “take photoshop away from me” with these kinds of things but


Jon Risinger posted outtakes from the Surgeons In Space: Deep Space Doctors outtakes so I had to make some official cinematic versions of their parody poses.

also I put my watermarks like right in the middle but i swear if you steal/repost i will find you and eat your first born child

This is exactly what I wanted to come of these.

"Ringo isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles"

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This is the Memorial to the Missing and contains over 50,000,000 pennies to represent the lives of each American child abandoned to abortion by a society and a culture that has embraced their destruction. We must prevent the need to add to this memorial. Take a stand. Get involved.

 ”How we treat the least of us defines us.”

"should I use this $500k to help struggling parents and pregnant people or should I put it in a glass box"

How much money have you wasted that could’ve gone to help struggling parents and pregnant women is the better question to ask.

Yeah if i was a struggling parent and I saw that “monument”, you know what I’d do? Break into that fucker and use the money to help my kid get a better life.

Clearly those “charitable” folks aren’t using it on kids that have actually been born.

A few facts that the OP neglected to mention.

a)  The glass box is on the grounds of the Mississippi Baptist Convention building—right across from the Mississippi state capitol. It was placed there deliberately to remind legislators that the Baptist Church—which is very powerful in the South—is staunchly anti-abortion.

b) This wasn’t created by regular people, charitable or otherwise. It was a deliberate and high-profile project of the Convention. Using the services of a construction company that worked free of charge, they erected the glass box in 2006, putting 47 MILLION pennies in it on the day that it opened, thus creating the illusion that many, many people had contributed.

c) Once $500K was collected—back in 2008, by the way, and the photo dates back to 2007—the money was then spent by the Convention, which invested it on a permanent endowment fund for anti-abortion causes, such as assisting with the operations of crisis pregnancy centers.

d) Almost all crisis pregnancy centers are church-sponsored and evangelical in nature.

e) Most crisis pregnancy centers have ties to evangelical maternity homes, adoption lawyers, and private adoption agencies. Any crisis that a woman coming to such a center might be facing would be irrelevant; for the purposes of the center and its affiliates, it is paramount that she have the baby. Babies, especially healthy white babies, are in high demand by would-be adoptive parents, and there is a very small supply.  There are horror stories about women who have been forced continue pregnancies and who have been forced to relinquish, most to evangelical families. Evangelical churches support and encourage this kind of thing. They figure that this way, they win twice over: they save lives AND they get to control how the next generation thinks. 

f) So, to recap.The Baptist Church underwrites the memorial (at least the first 47 million). The funds eventually go back to the Baptist Church, which invests them in businesses that will help produce more goods—babies—for other evangelical businesses, such as adoption agencies and adoption lawyers, AND that will create more religious and political support in the future.

This is NOT a memorial created by heartbroken people, OP. It’s big business. 

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Was it just me or were these lines cut from the current production? Someone with a better memory please reassure/confirm. Either way I felt like drawing it.

screeaaamss yes, the lyrics were cut back in 2000. combeferre used to sing his lines as he stopped the others from pointing their guns at javert, and grantaire was… somewhere

The score is also really interesting here:

The lines sung by Courfeyrac, Feuilly, and Bossuet, when threatening Javert (take the bastard now and shoot him/let us watch this devil dance/you would do the same Inspector/if we let you have your chance) are to a line of music that is elsewhere only seen in two places: it is usually sung by Javert when he is pronouncing judgment on other characters; for example, it is the tune to which I have heard such protestations/every day for twenty years/let’s have no more explanations/save your breath and save your tears is sung during Fantine’s Arrest. The only other time it is used is when Gavroche is mocking Javert. The musical cues, therefore, tell us that this action by the Amis (the desired shooting of Javert) is judgment and that is also wrong; the Amis are employing the same blind condemnation of others that makes Javert the villain.

In contrast, Combeferre’s response (though we may not all survive here/there are things that never die) is sung to the same tune as Fantine’s there’s a child that sorely needs me/please m’siuer she’s just that high, which tells us that Combeferre here is acting as the voice of compassion. It is, in essence, as much a plea for mercy as Fantine’s; more importantly, it’s a plea that must be headed if the moral rightness of the tale is to be followed. Javert, ignoring Fantine’s plea, was acting wrongly; the Amis, while they might have been wrong in their initial leap to take the bastard now and shoot him, respond to Combeferre’s plea in a way that Javert does not respond to Fantine’s, and thus, they ultimately choose the moral path. So by cutting this minute of run time, Cammack wasn’t only cutting a nice bit of Combeferre and Grantaire characterisation that Amis fans might miss, he was also cutting another lesson on judgement vs. mercy, which is ultimately the heart of the story.

(As for Grantaire’s following what’s the difference, die a policeman/die a schoolboy, die a spy, it’s harder for me to tell — I don’t have a copy of the original score, only the 2010 tour score, so I can’t do a bar-by-bar comparison — but I think it’s a unique line that is a play off the plea line but falls more emphatically, making it something like “a despairing plea”, which would fit for what Grantaire is trying to say. But I’d have to have the actual music in front of me to be sure.)

I’ve said it sixty-zillion times before and will say it again: the musical, with all its flaws (and they are many), is still the best adaptation that isn’t a 10+ hour miniseries not that that guarantees you’re a good adaptation, yes I’m looking at you Shoujo Cosette because you can communicate so much more in five minutes of song than you can in five minutes of dialogue. The kind of musical referencing seen here is just one example.

PS If you want to listen to the uncut version, see here, about 3:40 in. It’s the ‘99 London production, with JOJ as Valjean. The entire thing is worth a watch, and not only because it’s pre-cuts.

OH mY GOSH I’d been putting off reblogging this until I could properly address how great the art is but now there is also AMAZING COMMENTARY??

And the art is VERY good—-the words are bouncing off each other just right for the sort of juxtaposition they’re supposed to have, and I love the expressions, and the BACKGROUNDS! That one beam of light shining at Combeferre, how VERY Hugo, how excellent. XD.

"As for Grantaire’s following what’s the difference, die a policeman/die a schoolboy, die a spy, it’s harder for me to tell […] but I think it’s a unique line.”

OH oh I scrolled down a few posts humming in my head and it came to me

"Everyone about your business - clear this garbage off the street!"

Javert sings it during The Robbery! So, um, commentary… I mean, it’s Grantaire, and you just have to look at Pilf’s Grantaire-Is-Problems tag to see how he associates himself with trash, rejection, worthlessness, and this is him tying that idea of failure to the rest of the Amis because the world will go on about its business once the barricade’s off the street. 


*bows to all this commentary*


shaquille, don’t feel

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